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Serving Aberdeen and surrounding area

At Aberdeen Sash and Case Windows we offer you real and lasting solutions to your window needs.

At Aberdeen Sash and Case we pride ourselves on offering a friendly and efficient service with quick turnaround times. We place greatest value on the quality of our work and making sure that every customer is happy with the job that we do for them.

Our pricing is very competitive and we ensure that our work is of the highest standard. Our use of quality materials and ironmongery sets us way ahead of our competitors. By employing Aberdeen Sash and Case you can be assured that your windows will have a longer lifespan and that your property will be warmer and protected from that ‘inconsistent’ Scottish weather.

We are proud of the fact that we manufacture our windows here in Scotland, proving again that we favour quality over cheaper and low quality imports used by many other companies.

Aberdeen Sash and Case is a partner of Highland Sash and Case and Edinburgh Sash and Case. All of these companies are divisions of K Construction Scotland Ltd so you can be assured that you are in the hands of a professional and experienced company.




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Our services

Sash Window Manufacturing and Trade Supply

We supply the full range of Sash and Case Window products to the trade sector across the North East of Scotland.

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We use the best quality ironmongery available for your hinges, pulley wheels and clutches.

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Matching Doorsets and Shutters

Many of our customers seek to enhance the insulation value of their windows by use of shutters.

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Specialised Window Glazing Service

Alongside our Sash and Case Manufacturing capability we also undertake the actual glazing process of your Sash window frame.

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Specialised Window Painting Service

A huge part of your sash and case window maintenance is based on regular painting of your windows.

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Refurbishment and Maintenance of sash and Casements

As we conduct our surveys we always strive to offer refurbishment options on any existing windows that may still be able to perform their function.

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Upgrade Existing Single Glazed Sash Windows To Double Glazing

Single Glazed Sash windows can often be upgraded to double glazing depending on potential planning restrictions attached to the location of your property.

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Full Sash and Case Replacements

We always strive to maintain or refurbish your windows if we think that they can still function effectively.

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