Sample Quotes

The purpose of this section is to give customers approximate guidelines and costings for their projects. Our main categories of work  fall into:

  1. Single glazed refurbishment works- this is primarily a complete overhaul of a single glazed  sash and casement window.
  2. Installation of full new sash and casements either double glazed or single glazed.
  3. Painting and pointing works to sash and casements.

The below links will give you a fair indication of your potential costs for works and are itemised as one individual unit ie. one complete window. Please note these costs are purely a guide price and an exact estimation is always given before commencement of any works. The quotes below are 95% accurate, your expected costs can vary upwards or downwards by 5%.

For your peace of mind please note that Aberdeen Sash and case will match any comparable written quotation from other Aberdeen window companies.

New Sash and Casement – Double Glazed  – Supply and Fit:
REF-NSCDG001Double Glazed – New Sash and Casement 1/1
REF-NSCDG002 Double Glazed – New Sash and Casement 2/2
REF-NSCDG003 Double Glazed – New Sash and Casement 6/6

New Sash and Casement – Single Glazed – Supply and Fit:
REF-NSCSG004 Single Glazed – New Sash and Casement 1/1
REF-NSCSG005 Single Glazed –  New Sash and Casement 2/2
REF-NSCSG006 Single Glazed – New Sash and Casement 6/6

Single Glazed Refurbishment:
REF – SGR007 Single Glazed Refurbishment – 1/1 Style
REF – SGR008 Single Glazed Refurbishment – 2/2 Style
REF – SGR009 Single Glazed Refurbishment – 6/6 Style

Window  Painting –
REF-WP040 Window Painting 1/1 Style
REF-WP041 Window Painting 2/2 Style
REF-WP042 Window Painting 6/6 Style